City Clerk March 5, 2020

Minutes January 13, 2020


Minutes of Regular Council Meeting

January 13, 2020

The Council and Officers of the City of Windy Hills met at the Sojourn Community Church, 2501 Rudy Lane, at 7:00 P.M.  Mayor Davis called the meeting to order.

ROLL CALL:  The following were present:

Helen M. Davis Bruce Blue Sandy Moore
Kate Greer Jim Hodge
Marcia Myers Steve Teaford
Marianne Rademaker
Suzanne Spencer
Laura Trachtenberg


Councilwoman Greer moved to approve the minutes of the December 9, 2019 Council meeting; seconded by Councilman Bruce and approved unanimously.


The financial reports for December, 2019 were moved for approval by Councilwoman Trachtenberg, seconded by Councilwoman Myers, and approved unanimously.

Councilwoman Myers moved to approve the December bills, totaling $52,341.93 and was seconded by Councilwoman Trachtenberg.   The motion passed unanimously.

RESIDENTS’ COMMENTS/CONCERNS:  Resident Tom Grant addressed the Council with his comments on parking his RV in his driveway. He feels he is being penalized for having a corner lot and now has to pay to have his RV stored when it’s not in use.  He was approved to park it in his drive for a few days when loading and unloading.

MAYOR’S REPORT:  The Mayor reported that we are still working on collecting the outstanding 2019 property taxes.  There are 45 outstanding balances with a couple dating to 2015.  The total outstanding taxes are $15,662.81 but this does not include penalties and interest.  She updated the current delinquent tax letter and Sandy will be sending out notices to the delinquent homeowners.

Police Report: Grady was out of town on vacation so she was giving the December and January reports.   December: there were 104 hours of Police support reported during November. House watch increased during November. There were 4 houses that consumed all of the house watch hours.

Radar monitoring and parking ticket enforcement of 98 hours resulted in 0 parking citations, 3 speeding citations on Ambridge and one on Rudy, and 3 warnings for speeding on Ambridge and one on Rudy.   Based on residents’ complaints, Windy Hills continued the targeted overnight patrol on Two Springs.  There were two complaints about a barking dog on Brookview.  A homeowner on Antrim and Waterford complained about 8 – 10 cars driving past his house. There was a car break-in on Wicklow.

January report:  There were 102 hours of police activity during December. There was one house on house watch.  The targeted patrol was continued on Two Springs, there was a possible rabid raccoon on Bonfire and Fish and Wildlife was called. Radar on Ambridge resulted in 3 warnings, two citations, and one arrest.  Rudy radar resulted in one warning. There was a stalker incident that also involved Metro police. There was a welfare check  but the resident was fine.

The Mayor completed  and filed the City Official update  and UFIR 2019 forms with the state.  She spent about 45 minutes talking to a resident who had sent an email inquiry about our current and past surpluses.  He said that he appreciated the detailed information and our financial transparency.

She explained that our elected and appointed officials had in the past covered many expenses out of their own pockets and gave him the examples of mileage, office supplies, etc.  She told him that in administering the finances, that she was trying to ensure that the  actual operating costs of all approved projects were known in advance and expended to the City.  She reported that it is important that the residents know the true cost of operating the City because future elected and appointed officials may not choose to subsidize the City.

He also asked whether we used “zero based” budgeting.  She told him that it was impossible to have an entire zero based budget because we have some fixed expenses including the  LGE electric bill for our lights, sanitation, and police. Other budgeted expenses are variable and fluctuate based on the situation that would include road maintenance, city beautification, etc.

This discussion also led her to reflect on “best practices” and how we can strive to improve our procedures.  The Council voted several years ago to use a form for all proposed projects.  She “tweaked” this form and printed copies for everyone.  She would like everyone to review the forms and discuss the updates at the February caucus meeting.

She also stated that we received an updated notice from the Federal Reserve regarding our First Financial account balance.


Code Enforcement:  Steve Teaford asked if there were any questions/comments pertaining to his report for December.  There were no comments.  He also reported that the rental registrations should be received by the end of the month and commented that Councilwoman Trachtenberg found a new one.

City Maintenance/Windy Hills Green/Tree Board – Councilwoman Greer:  Councilwoman Greer reported on the following items:


  • She talked with Mike Hayman about supervising the pruning of the trees on the Green. He will get with Adam Vogelsang.  She also reported that will be three trees planted on the Green – a Fringe tree as a memorial tree and another Parrotia will be planted north of the bench across from the shopping center to provide shade.  She stated we are replacing a tree near Brownsboro Rd., that died, with a Venus Dogwood.

Glow on the Green:

  • She will investigate hiring another company to install the holiday lights next year.

Westport Road Trees:

  • We will be replacing the two trees that were destroyed on Westport Rd. 

Newsletter – Councilwoman Myers:  Councilwoman Myers reported that the print edition of the newsletter was published and mailed during the 3rd week of December.  It included the audit report and Code Enforcement update.  The challenges for this issue included the volume of business our printer had due to the holidays and being focused on our newsletter.  She proposed that the December 2020 edition being sent out in January as a “winter” edition.  This will include the newly elected Council and give the residents more time to read it since it won’t be during the holiday rush.  She also stated that the Council should consider not sending a Breeze every month if there is not enough “news” worthy information.  She also stated that Eco-tech did not pick up on the dates that were published, creating a distrust of city communications and dissatisfaction with waste services.  She would like Eco-tech to provide a calendar and share the cost of a special mailing.  Councilwoman Myers also reported that she is working on a communication policy document for the Council to consider and should have something for the Council to review in March.  She also thanked the newsletter editorial team.

Community Caring/Welcome to Windy Hills – Councilwoman Spencer:   Councilwoman Spencer reported that there are 5 new residents.  She also reported that 154 residents registered for the Apple Watch drawing.  There will be 1 winner drawn and two alternatives (in case the winner is not qualified to win).  She also reported that the lamp post decorations have been removed and stored with Adam Vogelsang.  She has purchased more garland.  She stated she is working on an updated map of the Green.  She also stated the donors of the Orchid Society bench will be sending in a check for the bench.

Finance – Councilwoman Rademaker:  Councilwoman Rademaker reported that she is working on an Investment Policy for the City.

Public Works – Councilman Blue:  Councilman Blue reported:

  • Evaluating the 2020 road and sidewalk repairs.
  • Ecotech has been picking up garbage before the stated contract time of 7:00 am and he will talk to them about this issue. He also stated some dates Ecotech gave out were not correct and will check into this as well.
  • There was a drainage issue on Victoria Place that has been corrected.
  • He reported that some people are using the incorrect containers for trash and recycle.
  • LG&E is not fixing the issues he has reported on a timely basis.
  • He has received a list of KLC seminars and will schedule to attend some.

Ordinances/Community Standards – Councilwoman Trachtenberg:  Councilwoman Trachtenberg reported that she is working with Steve to identify the rental and vacant properties.


NEW BUSINESS: Resolution No. 3, Series 2019-2020 – Definition of Vacant Property.  Councilwoman Greer made a motion to have the Resolution read by Attorney Hodge and was seconded by Councilwoman Spencer.  The motion passed unanimously.  Attorney Hodge read Resolution No. 3, Series 2019-2020 into record.  Councilwoman Greer made a motion to adopt Resolution No. 3, Series 2019-2020 and was seconded by Councilman Blue.  The Resolution was adopted by unanimous vote.


Comments/Questions to the Council as a Whole:   Doug Maurer asked who he needs to contact regarding storm drains.  Mayor Davis told him she would give him the contact information.  Tom Grant asked about the resident tree program and Councilwoman Greer gave him the information for that program.

The drawing for the Apple Watch was held.  Miss Hannah Vogelsang was asked to pull the winning and two alternate tickets.  The winner of the Apple Watch was Julia Ising.


Councilwoman Greer moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:44 PM., seconded by Councilwoman Trachtenberg and the motion passed unanimously.

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Helen M Davis, Mayor Sandy Moore, City Clerk