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The City has weekly garbage collection on Tuesdays. Recycling and Yard Waste is collected on Monday at the curb. There’s more that you should know. Click here.

Six Council Members and a Mayor form the City’s government. There is an annual property tax paid in the fall of the year. For more details click here.

No, we don't maintain our own Police Department, but we do have an agreement with the Lyndon Police that requires 100 hours or more of their attention each month. They are on call for emergencies and will keep watch on your residence while you are away. They also perform random radar patrols. Click here for details.

The City of Windy Hills is in the St. Matthews Fire Protection District. The St. Matthews Fire Dept. has a substation in our City at the corner of Hubbards Lane and Brownsboro Road. The Department has an emergency ambulance service. Their fees are paid in your annual property taxes to Metro Louisville. Click here for details.

Yes. A monthly regular meeting on the 2nd Monday of the month, at 7pm. There is also a monthly caucus meeting on the Friday before the regular monthly meeting, usually at 10:00 AM. Both meetings are open to the public. Check out the calendar page for exact locations and details.

Please click here to locate your voter precinct and polling location.

City of Windy Hills
4350 Brownsboro Rd, Ste 110
Louisville KY 40207-1681
Office Hours 11-2 M-F

The details and the form can be found on the Code Enforcement page.

The details and the form can be found on the Code Enforcement page.

The details and the form can be found on the Records Request page.

The Rental Property Ordinance and Registration Form can be found on the Rental Ordinance page.

Click here to find the Vacant Property Ordinance details and Form.

We do! Keep in mind, however, that we do not work on Rudy Lane or Brownsboro Road because they are not City Streets. For details, click here.