City Officials

John Roberts


City Council

Helen M. Davis

(502) 893-8238

Prior to Helen being elected as the new Mayor, effective January 1, 2019 she was Councilwoman since November 2014 and served as the Committee Chair for Finance and Ordinances

City Council
Kate Greer

(502) 893-2059

Was appointed Councilwoman July, 2008. She is currently the Committee Chair of Windy Hills Green and City Maintenance and Co-Chairperson of the  Newsletter and the City Liaison on the City's Tree Board.

marianne rademaker city council windy hills

City Council
Marianne Rademaker

(502) 896-1957

Council member since January, 2007. She is the Finance Chairperson and will serve as the Mayor Pro-tem.

Suzanne Spencer City Council Windy Hills

City Council
Suzanne Spencer

(502) 821-8740

Councilmember since January, 2009, serving as the Community Caring, Health Fitness, and Welcome to Windy Hills Chair.

City Council
Steve Teaford

City Council
Julie Theiler

City Clerk
Christine Haner

(502) 895-4778


Code Enforcement Officer
Don Ryan