Tree Board

An ordinance to establish a Tree Board was passed by the Council in 2012.  The Tree Board is limited to 8 members.  One Council member is a nonvoting member.  The other nonvoting member is the certified City Arborist.   The first arborist was Mike Hayman.  The current arborist is Caroline Westfall. The Board generally meets bimonthly.  Its main objective is to promote the expansion of a healthy tree canopy and to ensure that the existing trees are not a danger to the public.  It submits an application to the Arbor Day Foundation annually to maintain its Tree City USA status.  A written yearly work plan is submitted to the Council for approval.  The Board hosts an Arbor Day in the Spring, with an educational component, i.e. a pruning demonstration or how to plant a tree correctly, etc.  It also offers Windy Hills’ residents a subsidy to plant up to two trees in their yards.  The current chairperson is Cheri Silvey-Slusher.