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Minutes, February 8, 2021


Minutes of Regular Council Meeting

February 8, 2021

The Council and Officers of the City of Windy Hills met virtually by Zoom, at 7:00 P.M.  Mayor Davis called the meeting to order.

ROLL CALL:  The following were present:

Helen M. Davis Bruce Blue Lisa Kraft
Kate Greer Attorney David Spenard
Marcia Myers Steve Teaford
Marianne Rademaker
Suzanne Spencer
Laura Trachtenberg


Councilman Blue moved to approve the minutes of January 25, 2021, Council meeting; seconded by Councilwoman Myers. The motion passed unanimously.


The financial reports for January 2021 were moved for approval by Councilman Blue, seconded by Councilwoman Rademaker. The motion passed unanimously.

Councilwoman Myers moved to approve the January bills, totaling $41,582.66 and was seconded by Councilwoman Trachtenberg.  The motion passed unanimously.



Police Report: There were 105 hours of Police support. Most of the time was devoted to a single home located on Victoria. The resident was in rehab and is now home.

They also conducted 5 hours of traffic control radar resulting in no tickets or warnings. There was some disorderly conduct on Wicklow and the officer advised the young kids to go back into the house. New residents on Indian Ridge were advised not to park their cars overnight on the street. There was a homeless person who walked from downtown found wandering in the parking lot at Christ United Methodist Church. The officer sent him back downtown.

A light pole was hit at Ambridge and Itworth Court.

I was on the KLC hosted Mayor’s meeting with Governor Beshear discussing the rollout of vaccine and the amount of vaccine Kentucky will see on a weekly basis. The Governor reported his office is using a geographic cluster approach to disperse the vaccine across Kentucky.

We had a very productive meeting with the lawyers to bring them up to date about issues the City is still facing.

I sent an e-mail to the new Metro Police Chief and received a reply within 2 hours.


Finance/Ordinances:  Councilwoman Rademaker had nothing to report.

Code Enforcement – Steve Teaford:  Mr. Teaford reported he would be spending most of his time in February following up on previously registered Vacant and Rental homes that have not paid the fee. We have 17 properties in the City that need clarification.

Windy Hills Green/City Maintenance/Newsletter/Tree Board – Councilwoman Greer:

Councilwoman Greer reported the lien placed on the property on Foeburn, where the City had the tree removed, is now paid. The owner even sent a “Thank You” note to the Mayor for her patience.

Working with Bruce on the lights on the Green.

Newsletter – Councilwoman Myers:  Councilwoman Myers reported:

I sent out an eight-page print edition of the Newsletter and received positive feedback on the larger font. It included the Audit report and Code Enforcement Report as well as a clip-n-save waste pickup schedule.

I do not have a plan to send out a February Breeze. The deadline for the March issue will be March 10th.

I monitor Next Door and have noticed quite a few new residents in Windy Hills. The Mayor asked if it would be helpful for the Council to have copies of the Welcome to Windy Hills packet to distribute to new residents.

Community Caring/Health & Fitness/Welcome to Windy Hills – Councilwoman Spencer:

Councilwoman Spencer reported the following items:

  • Welcome to Windy Hills – 6 new residents in January.
  • Community Caring – Little Libraries in the City – Working with Steve on Code Enforcement issues.

Public Works – Councilman Blue:

Councilman Blue reported there is bad weather with ice/snow on the way and he will be out driving around keeping an eye on the roads.  Call if you see anything that needs immediate attention.

Councilman Blue made a motion to renew the EcoTech contract for two more years. It was seconded by Councilwoman Greer. All specifications and prices remain the same for 2021-2023.

Roll Call Vote

Blue – Yes

Greer – Yes

Myers – Yes

Rademaker – Yes

Spencer – Yes

Trachtenberg – Yes

The motion passed unanimously.

Ordinances/Community Standards – Councilwoman Trachtenberg:  Councilwoman Trachtenberg had nothing to report.

City Clerk – Lisa Kraft:  Ms. Kraft reported she has received payment from 13 residents owing delinquent property taxes. The Attorneys will handle the remainder of delinquent property taxes.



ATTORNEYS COMMENTS:  David Spenard was in attendance tonight but had no report.

Comments/Questions to the Council as a Whole:  Resident Martha Davis asked the council to check the culverts behind the Brownsboro Shopping Center.  She reported that there was trash and debris.


Councilwoman Greer moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:28 P.M., seconded by Councilwoman Trachtenberg and the motion passed unanimously.



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Helen M Davis, Mayor Lisa Kraft, City Clerk