Rental Ordinance and Rental Registration Form

The intent of this Ordinance is to establish a base standard to prevent or correct conditions that presently exist or could exist in the future.

This Ordinance will address the following:

 What Is The Rental Housing Inspection Program?

The ordinance simply requires that all rental housing in the City of Windy Hills be registered with the City.  The program is based on an ordinance that requires the exterior inspection of all rental housing within the City of Windy Hills.  The properties are inspected for compliance with state and local laws involving property maintenance.  Once an inspection is complete the owner is notified of any deficiencies found and asked to correct them within 10 business days.

What Happens If There Are Violations?

Where violations are found the owner will receive an inspection report showing the problems and location.  The notice will also include a date for compliance – 10 business days from the notice date.

 What Will The Inspector Be Looking For?

The inspector will be looking for a number of things including junk cars, dead vegetation, accumulations of junk and debris, landscape maintenance, building maintenance, graffiti, adequate refuse facilities, illegal/unpermitted construction, dilapidated structures, and substandard housing conditions as delineated in the metro land development ordinances.