Sign up for Reach Alert!

In Windy Hills you can “Walk The Loop” but we don’t want you to be “Out of the Loop”. Signing up for Reach Alert, the City’s instant communication system, takes only a few minutes and is free. Through Reach Alert, residents are made aware of emergency situations or unsafe conditions, as well as community service notifications if requested. Alerts might be appropriate when a holiday effects the date of trash pickup, when extreme weather conditions threaten your safety or force cancellations, or, as reminders of City events….. lighting the Christmas tree, ice cream socials, 4th of July parade and celebration, and Arbor Day, are just a few. The system has been very effective in finding missing pets. Notification options include text, email, and/or phone. The City does not expect to send out messages daily, weekly, or monthly, but only as situations dictate.

Sign up online at or by calling 1-877-307-9313. Either method takes about 5 minutes. If you sign up online, type in Windy Hills when asked what Network you wish to join. If you have any issues with internet sign up just call the toll free number for a hassle free experience. Remember, you can always opt out at any time but we don’t think you will. Thanks and make sure you get “In the Loop” with Reach Alert.