City Officials

Jim Ising City Council Windy Hills

E. James Ising

(502) 897-3689

Prior to Jim being elected as the new Mayor, effective January 1, 2015 he was Councilman since 2004

City Council
Helen Davis

(502) 893-8238

Councilmember since November, 2014, serving as the Committee Chair for Finance and Ordinances.

Kate Greer City COuncil WIndy Hills

City Council
Kate Greer

(502) 893-2059

Was appointed Councilwoman July, 2008. She is currently the Committee Chair of Community Events and Newsletter and Co-Chairperson of the Windy Hills Horticultural Advisory Group (WHHAG).

Louis Phillips

City Council
Louis A. Phillips

(502) 899-9971

Louis was appointed to the council from September 1998 until 2002. He served as Mayor from 2003 to 2014. After he retired in 2014, he was elected to the Council, effective January 1, 2015. He is currently the Committee Chair of Public Works.

marianne rademaker city council windy hills

City Council
Marianne Rademaker

(502) 896-1957

Council member since January, 2007. She is the Police Protection & Public Safety and Real Estate Signs Chairperson.

Mike Skelton City Council Windy Hills

City Council
Mike Skelton

(502) 895-8386

Was appointed Councilman in April, 2010 to replace Councilman John Eckerle and he previously served as a Councilmember from December, 2002 through December 2008. He is the Windy Hills Green/City Beautification Chair.

Suzanne Spencer City Council Windy Hills

City Council
Suzanne Spencer

(502) 721-8740

Councilmember since January, 2009, serving as the Community Caring, Health Fitness, and Welcome to Windy Hills Chair.


City Clerk/Treasurer
Sandy Moore

(502) 895-4778

Was re-appointed as the City Clerk/Treasurer in June, 2009. Previously City Clerk/Treasurer from January 2005 until May, 2007.

jim hodge city council windy hills

City Attorney
Jim Hodge

502) 895-4778

City of Windy Hills Attorney.