Leave Your Mark on The Windy Hills Green

Planned Improvements to The Windy Hills Green

Since early in 2022, City Council has planned to upgrade the surface of the path on The Windy Hills Green using an environmentally friendly impervious surface that will improve walking for everyone especially parents with strollers and seniors.  State Highway then announced changes to the Brownsboro and Rudy Lane intersection.

This will take a strip of The Green along Rudy Lane taking out trees, the current parking pad, and encroaching upon our current path. To accommodate this, the path will be moved slightly west and new trees will be planted. Visitors will notice stakes marking the planned change. Parking will be expanded from the present 2 spaces to 6 spaces.

Funds from the American Rescue Plan Act and from the sale of the land to the Highway Department will be used to improve this beautiful area for the use and enjoyment of all our residents.

Click here to view the design plan.

Plaques On The Green

If you want to commemorate an event or memorialize a loved one on the Windy Hills Green you can do so by purchasing a plaque which will be installed at the base of a tree. The plaque will name the tree, your event or loved one, your name if you wish, and state the year the plaque was installed. For more information, please contact City Hall by email info@cityofwindyhills.com , or phone 502-895-4778, and we will send you a list of prices and available trees.

Trees and plaques: In Memory