Minutes January 9, 2017


Minutes of Regular Council Meeting

January 9, 2017

The Council and Officers of the City of Windy Hills met at the Sojourn Community Church, 2501 Rudy Lane, at 7:00 P.M.  Mayor Ising called the meeting to order.

ROLL CALL:  The following were present:

 MAYOR                                   COUNCIL MEMBERS               OTHER CITY OFFICIALS

E. James Ising                          Helen Davis                           Sandy Moore

                                                 Kate Greer                             Jim Hodge      

                                                Lou Phillips                              Steve Teaford

                                                Marianne Rademaker           

                                                Mike Skelton

            Suzanne Spencer



Councilman Skelton moved to approve the minutes of the December 12, 2016 council meeting; seconded by Councilman Phillips and approved unanimously.


The financial reports for December, 2016 were moved for approval by Councilwoman Greer, seconded by Councilwoman Spencer and approved unanimously.

Councilwoman Davis moved to approve the December bills, totaling $190,938.43 ($136,703.10 was transferred back to Road Funds from General Funds) and was seconded by Councilwoman Rademaker.  The motion passed unanimously.





Ralph Williams

Indian Ridge

Mr. Williams stated that he was in favor of the Rental Ordinance the City has published.  He also suggested the City not accept a Post Office Box as an address for the property owners.

Victoria Cullimore

Waterford Rd.

Ms. Cullimore expressed her continued dislike of the Oxford House rental .

Joyce Bridge

Former Windy Hills resident

Wanted to express her personal mourning the death of resident and past neighbor Lynn Renau - the person who introduced her to the Windy Hills Council Meetings and got her active in the City.



Finance/Ordinances:  Councilwoman Davis reported that she will meet with Code Enforcement Officer, Steve Teaford and City Clerk/Treasurer, Sandy Moore on the following Friday to discuss the Rental Ordinance.  She also stated she had received and answered calls regarding the Pod Ordinance.

Code Enforcement:  Code Enforcement Officer, Steve Teaford, stated he had delivered the December report and asked if there were any questions/comments.  There were none.  He also stated he had not received a permit for the new house being built on Westgate and will check into that.

Community Caring/Health & Fitness/Welcome to Windy Hills:   Councilwoman Spencer stated there were 9 new residents.  She also reported she is working on a resident cooking program with Anoosh.  She also stated she is working on a Disaster Booklet and is looking for volunteers.

Community Events/Newsletter/Tree Board:  Councilwoman Greer stated the next newsletter deadline is March 1.  She had no Tree Board or Community Events news to report.

Public Works:  Councilman Phillips reported that the rainy weather is holding up the street sign progress. 


Safety/Real Estate Signs:  Councilwoman Rademaker reported that the Graymoor/Devondale Police department patrolled 104 hours with 19 hours spent on radar (14 on Ambridge and 5 on Rudy), resulting in 8 warnings on Ambridge and 1 on Rudy.  Two citations were written on Rudy and none on Ambridge.  One house watch on Highfield.  Other runs concerned suspicious persons and vehicles on Tottenham, Ambridge, and Clerkenwell.  Officers assisted a motorist with a flat tire on Ambridge.   A noisy party on Rudy Lane was reported with teenagers gathered in the church parking lot playing loud music.  they were dispersed by police.  There was a carjacking/theft reported on Two Springs Lane involving a minor.


Windy Hills Green/City Beautification:  Councilman Skelton reported that Rudy the Bear is gone and they are now looking for a log for a new "Rudy" to be carved.  He also stated there are now 300 plus signed up for Reach Alert. 








VA Fund:  The Mayor invited Mr. and Mrs. Yeager (Crossgate residents) to address the Council to answer questions regarding the VA fund.  Mayor Ising asked them what they are looking for from the City of Windy Hills, as the City has not received a written request for funds.  Mr. Yeager wanted to give us info about the size of the facility; would like Windy Hills to join them with their efforts to keep the VA Hospital from building there; recommended for the City to petition and encourage Windy Hills residents to send individual comments; and financial support.  Mayor Ising asked how much financial support they have received.  Mr. Yeager stated they have received 15K from Crossgate, Graymoor/Devondale - 5K, Northfield - 5K.  Councilman Phillips stated that everyone needs to be careful because you  don't know what might be built instead of the hospital.  It was also pointed out that the VA owns the property and can do whatever they want with it. 

Councilwoman Davis made a motion to contribute $2,500 to the legal fund steering committee payable to Crossgate.  Councilwoman Greer seconded the motion and was approved unanimously.



COMMents/Questions to the Council as a Whole:  None

Councilwoman Greer moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:39 P.M., seconded by Councilman Phillips and the motion passed unanimously.