Minutes November 14, 2016


Minutes of Regular Council Meeting
November 14, 2016

The Council and Officers of the City of Windy Hills met at the Sojourn Community Church, 2501 Rudy Lane, at 7:00 P.M. Mayor Ising called the meeting to order.

ROLL CALL: The following were present:

MAYOR                    COUNCIL MEMBERS               OTHER CITY OFFICIALS
E. James Ising         Helen Davis (absent)                 Sandy Moore
                                Kate Greer                                 Jim Hodge
                                Lou Phillips                                Steve Teaford
                                Marianne Rademaker
                                Mike Skelton
                                Suzanne Spencer


Councilwoman Greer moved to approve the minutes of the October 10, 2016 council meeting; seconded by Councilwoman Rademaker and approved unanimously.


The financial reports for October, 2016 were moved for approval by Councilman Skelton, seconded by Councilwoman Spencer and approved unanimously.

Councilwoman Greer moved to approve the October bills, totaling $286,133.41 and was seconded by Councilman Skelton. The motion passed unanimously.





Terry Dayton


Ms. Dayton read a letter she had prepared.  In summary, she expressed her continued concern over the rental house on Wicklow and her disappointment in the Windy Hills election results.

Victoria Cullimore


Ms. Cullimore expressed her concern over the number of rental properties in Windy Hills and requested the location of all the rental properties in the City.  She was told she would have to submit an Open Records request to receive that information.

Lynn Renau


Ms. Renau stated there is a dead tree on the r-o-w at 736 Waterford with limbs falling.  The Tree Board will take a look at it.

Ralph Williams

Indian Ridge

Mr. Williams asked about the Rental Ordinance and expressed his concern with a house splitting up into a duplex.  He also asked about signage on personal property, which our City Attorney, Attorney Hodge replied that it is a form of free speech.


Finance/Ordinances: Councilwoman Davis had no report.

Code Enforcement: Code Enforcement Officer, Steve Teaford, stated he had delivered a 2017 Code Enforcement update and worked with Councilwoman Davis on three ordinances to be discussed (see below). These items were discussed at the Caucus meeting and there were no further questions or discussion.

Community Caring/Health & Fitness/Welcome to Windy Hills: Councilwoman Spencer stated she had nothing to report for Community Caring or Health and Fitness. She stated there is one new plaque for a memorial tree in the works and there were 5 new residents. She also stated the City's Christmas decorations were almost complete and ready to be hung.
Community Events/Newsletter/Tree Board: Councilwoman Greer reported that the date for the Tree Board Arbor Day event will be April 23, 2017 and will include another drawing for free trees. She also stated the Tree Board is currently working on their yearly plan and should be receiving very soon the trees from the 2016 Arbor Day event. She stated the Tree Board will need to fill one vacancy and asked that an email blast be sent to all Windy Hills residents. She continued with her report stating that the Glow on the Green is the Sunday after Thanksgiving and Councilman Skelton had talked with someone at Sojourn about providing music. The next newsletter will be out in mid-December.
Public Works: Councilman Phillips reported that he had talked to Metro Councilwoman Leet's office about getting a Smart Cart to monitor the speed on Rudy lane. He also reported that the City is suing (in small claims court) the drivers of the accident where the street signs had to be replaced at Brownsboro Road and Killiney Place. The Court date is December 8.

Safety/Real Estate Signs: Councilwoman Rademaker reported that the Graymoor/Devondale Police department patrolled 113.5 hours with 20.5 hours spent on radar (17 on Ambridge and 3.5 on Rudy), resulting in 11 warnings and 4 citations on Ambridge and 5 warnings on Rudy. There were house watches on Windhurst, Kingslook, Bonfire, Waterford, Tottenham, Wicklow and Highfield and no mention of parking enforcement. The Police dealt with an open garage door in Coach Gate, returned a lost dog and assisted motorists on Foeburn and Windhurst. They also issued a ticket for an expired license plate on N. Hubbards Ln and checked reports of suspicious persons on Wicklow and Old Farm Rd and did an investigation at Rudy Ln. and Brownsboro Rd. The Graymoor-Devondale Officers assisted other police on three occasions and were stopped by a bicyclist, asking if they could slow down the Sunday morning church traffic.

Windy Hills Green/City Beautification: Councilman Skelton reported that Adam, with Brownsboro Landscaping, had completed all the tree work on the Ambridge Trees with the exception of trimming the trees. He had completed all of this work for under $5,000. He is also working on Indian Ridge and Victoria place and is waiting to re-plant due to the dryness of the soil. Councilman Skelton also reported that Adam would be working on the sign and street posts - painting, etc. He also reported that he has contacted an electrician to look at the Signature Entrance sign since the lights are not working. He stated that they are looking for a log to carve a new "Rudy" to replace the one that has rotted.


Rental Property Ordinance 1st Reading: Councilwoman Greer made a motion to have the summary, first reading of Ordinance 5, Series 2016-2017. The motion was seconded by Councilman Skelton and passed unanimously. Attorney Hodge read into record the summary, first reading of Ordinance 5, Series 2016-2017 regarding Rental Property within the City of Windy Hills.

Street Sign Repair/Replacement: Councilman Phillips reported there are nine signs with letters missing and made a motion to authorize Eagle Sign to replace/repair those signs at a cost of $6954.18. The motion was seconded by Councilwoman Rademaker and passed unanimously.

Pod and Dumpster Ordinance - 1st Reading: Attorney Hodge stated that he separated the Ordinance into two separate Ordinances for clarification purposes and due to the POD organization that expressed concern over their company name being used in the Ordinances. Metro Louisville negotiated with the company and developed an Ordinance the POD organization agreed with and the Windy Hills Ordinance is designed to mimic Metro's. Councilwoman Rademaker made a motion to have the summary, first reading of Ordinance 6, Series 2016-2017. Councilman Skelton seconded the motion and was passed unanimously. Attorney Hodge read into record the summary, first reading of Ordinance 6, Series 2016-2017 regarding PODs within the City of Windy Hills.

Councilwoman Rademaker made a motion to have the summary, first reading of Ordinance 7, Series 2016-2017. Councilman Skelton seconded the motion and was passed unanimously. Attorney Hodge read into record the summary, first reading of Ordinance 7, Series 2016-2017 regarding dumpsters within the City of Windy Hills.


Approval of 2016 Audit: Debbie Stumler, with Bechtler, Parker and Watts Accounting Firm, and Attorney Hodge gave a brief summary of the 2016 Windy Hills Audit. They both pointed out that the City was in compliance and there were no areas of concern. They also stated the City of Windy Hills is in good financial condition and maintained good controls over the financials. Councilwoman Greer made a motion to accept the 2016 Audit and was seconded by Councilwoman Rademaker. The motion passed unanimously.

"Reach Alter" - Continuation ($2.00 per household): Mayor Ising stated the response from the residents was not what the Council had initially expected. The City has more email addresses and can reach more people in that way than residents that signed up for the "Reach Alert". He also stated the cost would double to $2.00 per household for the year 2017 if the City decided to renew the contract. Councilwoman Greer made a motion to opt out of the "Reach Alert" system for 2017 and was seconded by Councilwoman Rademaker. The motion passed unanimously. Councilman Skelton stated that only 10% of the residents had signed up to receive the alerts. Councilwoman Spencer was disappointed that the City would not be utilizing this system, as it could have helped out with her area of Community Caring. Mayor Ising stated that other suburban Cities had a great participation, but did not utilize their residents' emails as Windy Hills does. He also stated he would send a letter of termination to Ken Weber, with Reach Alert.

Other: Councilwoman Greer stated that a resident had suggested that the City put an American Flag on the Green. Councilwoman Rademaker stated that a proposal should be submitted that would include the cost and maintenance expense.


MAYOR'S REPORT: Mayor Ising thanked those that met to discuss the updating of the Windy Hills website. He also stated that he had just received notice that there would be a meeting regarding the V A Hospital at Christ Methodist Church on November 5 from 2pm - 4pm and then again at 6pm - 8pm.

COMMENTS/QUESTIONS TO THE COUNCIL AS A WHOLE: Resident Martha Davis asked when the Rudy Lane tree cleanup would take place. She was told that it was being handled by Metro and the City had not been notified when this will take place.

Resident Victoria Cullimore asked how she should go about getting the rental house information and she was informed that she would have to submit an open records request to the City and that the forms are at City Hall.

Councilwoman Greer moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:47 P.M., seconded by Councilman Phillips and the motion passed unanimously.