Minutes July 11, 2016


Minutes of Regular Council Meeting
July 11, 2016

The Council and Officers of the City of Windy Hills met at the Sojourn Community Church, 2501 Rudy Lane, at 7:00 P.M. Mayor Ising called the meeting to order.

ROLL CALL: The following were present:

MAYOR               COUNCIL MEMBERS                             OTHER CITY OFFICIALS
E. James Ising    Helen Davis                                             Sandy Moore
                            Kate Greer                                              James Hodge
                            Lou Phillips                                             Steve Teaford (absent)
                            Marianne Rademaker
                            Mike Skelton
                           Suzanne Spencer


Councilwoman Greer moved to approve the minutes of the June 13, 2016 regular council meeting; seconded by Councilwoman Davis and approved unanimously.


The financial reports for June, 2016 were moved for approval by Councilman Skelton, seconded by Councilwoman Davis and approved unanimously.

Councilwoman Rademaker moved to approve the June bills, totaling $43,221.63 and was seconded by Councilwoman Spencer. The motion passed unanimously.

RESIDENTS' COMMENTS/CONCERNS: Wendy Skelton, a resident on Rudy Lane, addressed the Council to express her disagreement with expending another $12,000 of tax payers money on the trees on Ambridge. She stated the trees will never be larger than 20 feet and will always have maintenance needs. She asked if there wasn't another way to handle the trees. Mayor Ising stated that the $12,000 was only one estimate and it may be less. Councilman Phillips stated that it could be more than $12,000 and some items were open ended. Councilwoman Rademaker stated that it should not be done as it is too much money. (Item is included in the agenda and more discussion follows during that time).


Finance/Ordinances: Councilwoman Davis stated she will be working with Code Enforcement Officer, Steve Teaford to create Ordinances addressing pods and rental property and will bring to the Council.

Code Enforcement: No oral report. Written report had been previously handed out.

Community Caring/Health & Fitness/Welcome to Windy Hills: Councilwoman Spencer reported there were 4 new residents. The Emergency Preparedness will be possibly be distributed at the Ice Cream Social since the 4th of July Picnic and Parade was cancelled. She also stated that she is looking into a program with speakers regarding illegal drugs. She stated she would like to label all trees including the bushes on the Green. She also said the Christmas bows will need to be replaced and will get an estimate for hanging.

Community Events/Newsletter/Tree Board: Mayor Ising expressed his gratitude for all those involved in dealing with the 4th of July Picnic and Parade and keeping the community informed with decisions regarding the weather and the possibility of cancelling the event, which was canceled. Councilwoman Greer reported that the newsletter was delivered in time for the 4th of July. She stated she will be meeting with Sojourn for the possibility of rescheduling the Picnic. Once the decision is made, she will let everyone know when the next newsletter deadline will be. The next Tree Board meeting will be the first Thursday of August.

Public Works: Councilman Phillips reported the house on Brownsboro and Indian Ridge is having a large amount of work done and has filed 2 building permits.

Safety/Real Estate Signs: Councilwoman Rademaker reviewed the report she had previously handed out for July. She reported Graymoor-Devondale Police patrolled for 106 hours. About 21 hours were spent on radar enforcement - 3.17 hours on Rudy Lane resulting in five warnings and one citation and the balance on Ambridge resulting in 7 warnings and 5 citations. Additional citations were issued at Brownsboro Rd and Hubbards Ln and at Brownsboro Rd and Antrim. Overnight parking violations received a warning on Deerfield Ln. They received complaints about parking on the grass and in the wrong direction, which were resolved. They also received two complaints which resulted in citations, whose location was not given. A theft was reported on Tottenham, a suspicious car at Stock Yards Bank, a bassinette found in the roadway on Foeburn, a tree down at Elmwood and Hubbards Ln, and children ringing doorbells at night on Highfield. Investigations took place on Antrim, Ambridge, Rudy, Pin Oak, and Kinglan. Suspicious persons were reported, but not located on Antrim, Windhurst and Clerkenwell. Two residences were on house watch. Safety warning about open garage doors were issued at Coach Gate, Foeburn, and Two Springs.

After reviewing her report she asked the Council if they would prefer more radar time on Rudy Lane, or at least equal time on Ambridge and Rudy. Councilman Skelton suggested that they stop radar on Ambridge and do it only on Rudy Lane for a couple of months. Councilwoman Rademaker stated she would talk to the Chief.

Windy Hills Green/City Beautification: Councilman Skelton reported that something would need to be done to Rudy the Bear as it is beginning to show signs of rotting. He suggested that a platform be built and Rudy mounted on top of that. He stated the rotting is coming from the roots up.


Ambridge Trees - Budget for Maintenance: Mayor Ising reported that on Oct. 12, 2015 the Council approved a motion to have the Ambridge Trees maintained, but an amount was not budgeted. Councilwoman Greer reported she has received one quote and is waiting to meet with Limb Walkers for their quote. She also suggested that Adam Vogelsang, with Brownsboro Lawn Care could possibly do the work for less money. Councilwoman Davis made a motion to expend up to $10,000 for maintenance for the trees in the Right of Way on Ambridge. Councilwoman Greer seconded the motion. The following discussion ensued: Councilwoman Rademaker stated that the homeowners should be responsible and that $10,000 seems excessive. Mayor Ising stated that only one proposal has been received and they need to get more bids. Councilman Phillips asked who will determine what work is to be done and to compare each bid - item by item. Councilwoman Davis stated she has faith in Councilwoman Greer and the Tree Board because of their knowledge. She also stated that the trees have a residual value down the road and we may have to incur expense now to prevent large expenses in the future. Councilman Phillips stated that residents either don't know or don't care to know how to care for the trees. Councilwoman Spencer stated the residents need education and Councilwoman Greer stated the Tree Board would/could have their education portion of Arbor Day at the trees on Ambridge. Councilwoman Spencer also stated she could include some educational information in the welcome packets she passes out to new residents on Ambridge. Councilman Skelton stated the City would be paying 70% for maintenance of what the trees originally cost and that the trees were small and not worth the money. Councilman Phillips stated all future expense was to be Tree Board expense. Councilwoman Davis made a motion to call the question and was seconded by Councilwoman Greer. The motion passed unanimously and ended the discussion. The vote on the original motion passed with the following votes:

Councilwoman Greer Aye                         Councilwoman Rademaker Nay
Councilwoman Spencer Aye                     Councilman Phillips Nay
Councilwoman Davis Aye                         Councilman Skelton Nay

The Mayor voting Aye to break the tie.

Goal Setting for 2016 update: Councilman Phillips made a motion to approve a Project for photographing the Green over time with Mike Hayman taking the photos 4 times a year at $150 each time. The motion was seconded by Councilwoman Spencer. This would give the City a photographic recording of how the Green develops over the years and each season. Councilman Skelton suggested that each year is too often and suggested every 3 to 5 years and possibly add a drone shot. Councilwoman Spencer suggested that the pictures should be posted on the website. Councilwoman Rademaker made a motion to call the question and was seconded by Councilwoman Davis. The motion passed unanimously. The original motion failed by a vote of two Ayes (Councilman Phillips and Councilwoman Spencer) and 4 Nays.

Sign Posts Refurbishing: Mayor Ising stated he made the initial proposal and would like to withdraw it now due to lack of interest and we are wasting too much time on the discussion of light/sign posts at Windsong and Bentwood Place. He stated the project can be brought up again in the future. He further stated the City reacts but not enough planning, using the examples of the islands in the City that need maintenance and a maintenance plan needs to be developed. He stated there needs to be policy and procedures put into place and needs more strategic planning. Councilwoman Rademaker stated that she agreed and that there should be a maintenance plan for all entrances . Councilwoman Greer added that there are weeds growing between the sidewalk crevices and this should be included into a maintenance plan. Councilman Skelton disagreed, stating that the difference in the paving program and other maintenance program is that each street is assessed and a decision is made as to which ones need repaving - not just going through and repaving all streets in Windy Hills. He stated that some of the light posts probably need to be done, but not all, so do the ones needing the work and reevaluate the others at a later time. He suggested to take the controversial part of the proposal out of it and just paint the posts that need it, not all of them. Mayor Ising stated he thinks most of them should be done over time, and that would be part of a maintenance plan. Councilwoman Spencer suggested that the posts be evaluated every other year. Councilwoman Davis stated that a project like this should be built into the budget and by doing so there would not be any unexpected expenses. Councilman Phillips stated that everything was becoming extremely bureaucratic. Councilwoman Greer stated that if the City decided to do the LG&E poles, then we should do the ones in Windsong that are actually in St. Matthews. Mayor Ising agreed with Councilwoman Greer saying that he believes in building relationships.


Ice Cream, Shredding, and delayed Independence Day Event: Councilwoman Greer reported there are couple of dates which could be used for the re-scheduled event. September 11 is Patriots Day and would tie in with the Independence Day theme. The caterer is not available Labor Day. She will be meeting with Sojourn to see what dates are available. The event will be held later in the day around 5:00 pm.

Trees for Green: Councilman Skelton reported that the Green lost a tree (by the parking area) and Mike Hayman has suggested replacement trees. The trees would be $275 and $900 to plant. Councilman Skelton made a motion to purchase the trees for $275 and have Adam Vogelsang plant the trees for $900. The motion was seconded by Councilman Philips and passed unanimously.


Councilman Skelton made a motion to hire Adam Vogelsang, Brownsboro Landscaping, to take out all of the old landscaping and replace with new plants on the island on Victoria Place for a price of $2,000. The motion was seconded by Councilwoman Greer. Councilwoman Rademaker suggested that a tree be planted with grass around it, as that would be the easiest maintenance. Councilman Phillips stated that he was by there and noticed the burning bushes had just been removed from that site. Councilwoman Greer suggested to have the island on Foeburn taken care of as well. Discussion continued until Councilwoman Davis made a motion to call the question and was seconded by Councilman Skelton. The motion passed unanimously. The vote on the original motion passed with a vote of 4 Ayes, 1 Nay (Councilman Phillips) and 1 abstain (Councilwoman Rademaker).

ATTORNEY'S REPORT: Attorney Hodge had no report.

MAYOR' REPORT: Mayor Ising reported that Attorney Hodge is now semi-retired, keeping Windy Hills and Norborne Estates. He also stated that the City had collected over $400 in door prizes for the 4th of July Picnic and Parade and will be handed out at the next City event.


Councilwoman Greer made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:25 P.M., seconded by Councilman Phillips and the motion passed unanimously.