Minutes October 12. 2015


Minutes of Regular Council Meeting
October 12, 2015

The Council and Officers of the City of Windy Hills met at the Calvin Presbyterian Church, 2501 Rudy Lane, at 7:00 P.M. Mayor Ising called the meeting to order.

ROLL CALL: The following were present:

MAYOR                         COUNCIL MEMBERS                            OTHER CITY OFFICIALS
E. James Ising               Helen Davis                                            Sandy Moore
                                       Kate Greer                                             Carrie Ritsert
                                       Lou Phillips                                            Steve Teaford (absent)
                                       Marianne Rademaker
                                       Mike Skelton
                                       Suzanne Spencer


Councilwoman Greer moved to approve the minutes of the September 14, 2015 regular council meeting; seconded by Councilwoman Davis and approved unanimously.


The financial reports for September, 2015 were moved for approval by Councilwoman Rademaker, seconded by Councilman Skelton and approved unanimously.

Councilwoman Rademaker moved to approve the September bills, totaling $55,486.31 and was seconded by Councilwoman Davis. The motion passed unanimously.

SOJOURN GUESTS: The Mayor introduced Matt Friend from Sojourn Church who introduced two others representing Sojourn Church, Mike Graham and Sherry Stewart. Mr. Friend stated the purchase was finalized and closed in October. They plan on being moved in by January and welcome any feedback and/or help/suggestions. Their plans are to keep the green space and has made arrangements for Calvin Presbyterian Church to lease a portion of the building so they can continue to have their services there. He stated they will use the gym as their worship space during Phase I and in Phase II will begin building a new auditorium for worship.

RESIDENTS' COMMENTS/CONCERNS: John Yunt addressed the Council proposing an opportunity for the City. He stated that on Lot #3 and 4 in Westgate there are Maple trees on each lot that the City may consider paying to have re-located due to the possibility of them being cut down. Councilwoman Greer stated she would contact Mike Hayman to look into this and the cost of moving. Mr. Yunt also stated that a manhole needs attention since the recent paving. He said the lid needs to be raised or the pavement lowered and also mentioned that a curb piece was broken and needs to be repaired.


Finance/Ordinances: Councilwoman Davis reported that a CD was renewed for six months and a couple more are coming due and she is checking rates.

Code Enforcement: Steve Teaford had distributed his report previously and there were no comments.

Community Caring/Health & Fitness/Welcome to Windy Hills: Councilwoman Spencer stated that 6 robo call bookmarks and information was sent as a result of the Fall newsletter and she had also received one request for an Aging in Place Directory. After receiving a request for a Windy Hills walking group, she will place an article in the next newsletter to see if anyone else would be interested. She also reported the Christmas Decoration committee was working on the wreath bows and have received an offer for magnolia leaves. She stated there has been another request for a tree/plaque on the Green.

Community Events/Newsletter/Tree Board: Councilwoman Greer reported that the Ice Cream Social was very successful and the next event would be the Glow on the Green to be held on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. She stated she would have emails sent out as reminders. Councilwoman Greer made a motion for the City to approve payment to arborist Mike Hayman to evaluate the trees on Ambridge and for the City to also pay a certified arborist to prune and maintain these including mulch. All future care would become the Tree Board expense. The motion was seconded by Councilwoman Davis. The vote passed with a vote of 5 yeas and one absent (Councilman Phillips had to leave the meeting early). Councilwoman Greer stated the next newsletter deadline would be on November 22.

Public Works: No report.

Safety/Real Estate Signs: Councilwoman Rademaker reviewed the report she had previously distributed. Graymoor/Devondale patrolled for 131.19 hours, charging the City for 100 hours. 23.28 hours of this time was radar enforcement with 17.29 hours on Ambridge and 6 hours on Rudy which resulted in 14 warnings (nine on Ambridge and five on Rudy). Two of the warnings on Ambridge were to be citations, but the police computer shut down repeatedly. One citation was issued on Rudy and three on Ambridge. Three vehicles received warnings for parking violations, Foeburn, Indian Ridge, and Bonfire. Police were unable to locate the cars that Mr. Teaford called them about. Three homes were on house watch and officers checked out three burglar alarms, none of which turned out to be trouble. There was a citation issued on Hubbards Lane, when officers assisted other police. An investigation resulted in recovering a stolen car for someone on Killeney Place.

Windy Hills Green/City Beautification: Councilman Skelton reported that mums had been planted on the Green and also stated the stains had returned on the Signature Entrances and is going to continue to get them removed. He also stated there would be planting done at Foeburn. He also thanked Adam Volgelsang for the hay bales and pumpkins he placed on the Green.




MAYOR' REPORT: Mayor Ising reported that he spoke to the Saint Matthews Clerk (in regards to the Reach Alert) and asked her if they send out email alerts to their residents. He said they do not have an email data base for the St. Matthews residents. Councilman Mike Skelton stated he would have a representative from Reach Alert to attend the November working session. Mayor Ising stated that the Auditors would be at the November Council meeting to present the 2014/2015 Audit. He also stated the Brightside cleanup would be on Saturday, Oct. 24 and the Windy Hills appreciation dinner would be on December 8 this year. He also stated he would like for the 2016 Goal Setting to be discussed at the November Session and carried over to December.


Councilwoman Rademaker moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:50 P.M., seconded by Councilman Skelton and the motion passed unanimously.