Tree Board Minutes April 2017


April 27, 2017


Present:  Matt Shrewsberry, Cheei Silvey-Slusher, Jodi Smiley, Ward Wilson, Caroline Westfall, Kate Greer

Cheri moved to accept the March minutes.  Jodi seconded the motion.  The minutes were approved.

Financial Report:  There is $4600 in the regular account and $700 left in the Arborist account.

The board paid 1/3 ($1092)of the total bill to prune the hazardous trees on Rudy.  Sojourn paid the remainder. 

As requested by Mayor Ising, the Board will no longer send letters to homeowners about hazardous trees.  The Board will notify the City of the matter and ask the City to notify the homeowner.

Arbor Day was held at Sojourn for two reasons:  (1)  The topic was Controlling invasive plants, and (2)  There were not enough invasive plants on the Green.  Sojourn had plenty of them and adequate parking.  The event will return to the Green in 2018.

The 2017-18 Work Plan is to concentrate on trimming dangerous trees near the sidewalk on Rudy Lane.  The target area is around Regency, across from where Metro and Windy Hills hired Bob Ray to trim the trees at Two Springs.  $4000 will be designated to accomplish this.  The Tree Board will get bids to trim the area #1-35 on Arborist Westfall’s report.  Westfall will review the targeted area and give revised bid specifications to Greenhaven, Bob Ray, Cornerstone and Limbwalkers.  Bids will be due June 15 to Cheri.

The 2018-19 Work Plan will aim to replace trees,  The targeted area will be Clerkenwell.

Caroline has had 3 calls about consultations.  L G & E will look at the property at 311 Chelsea.  There is a dead tree in the utility easement.  Tammy, the L G & E arborist, is waiting to evaluate the tree if and when it leafs out.

Because one of last year’s tree lottery winners complained that he had not received his tree, Cheri e-mailed him that he had been notified of his winning twice but had not come to get the tree.  It died.  He has not responded.  This year, 2 gift certificated were awarded to the winners.

They have been notified.

The next meeting will be Thursday, June 22, at 7:00.