Tree Board Minutes March 2017


March 2, 2017


PRESENT:  Cheri, Jodie, Matt, Ward, Caroline,   Jodie, Matt, Ward, Caroline, Mayor Ising, Kate Greer

SOJOUR TREES:  Kate and Mayor Ising met with two members of the Church, Richard Breem and Streeter?, concerning Caroline’s report.  They would like us to pay for the trees.  The Mayor suggested that they contact Angela Leet to see if Metro would assist financially.  The Church has received two estimates for the project.  Bob Ray’s was $5,803.  Cornerstone Landscaping was $3,475. 

Caroline suggests that Sojourn reciprocate our paying for the trees by eliminating our $50 a month meeting rental and no donation for our picnic.

Cheri moved that the Tree Board pay up to $1,000 to help Sojourn,  Ward seconded it.  It passed.

Caroline wants to make sure the company has necessary permits and safety equipment.

OTHER CITY TREE REGULATIONS:  Ward is checking ordinances of other cities. 

He suggested that we send a letter of support to Metro for its new ordinance.  Cheri made the motion to Angela Leet that the Windy Hills Tree Board supports the effort that Metro is creating a Metro Tree Ordinance.  The motion passed.

WEB PAGER:  Matt created an Instagram Page “Windy Hills Tree Board.”  He is helping Kate write an article for the Newsletter on how to sign up for it.

TREE CITY USA GOOF:  They lost Cathy’s application.  She is sending it again.

ARBOR DAY:  We hope to have it at Sojourn on April 23, 3-5.  The topic is Getting Rid of Invasive Vegetation.   Caroline will bring equipment to demonstrate.  Kate is trying to get Streeter on board to get his parishioners to come so that they can learn how to get rid of their bush honey suckle.   They will need “Brush B Gone” or “Roundup Concentrate”, loppers, pruners, and possibly a chipper and a solution for the debris. 

Should it rain, the alternate is the Ice Cream Social in September. 

We will have a tree lottery. We still have 5 trees that were not claimed by lottery winners from last year.

Next meeting is April 37.