2017 Code Enforcement Guidelines


Dear Residents:

In our continuing efforts to keep our city compliant, and to be fair and consistent to all, please review the following items which will help us accomplish that goal in the upcoming year.

Parking of Motor Vehicles/Boats/ Trailers/ other occasional use vehicles

• Overnight parking is not permitted on any city street or cul-de-sac between the hours of 2:00 AM and 5:00 AM. Because of recent safety considerations this Ordinance will be strictly enforced in 2017.
• No motor vehicle (everyday or occasionally) may be parked on any unpaved area.
• Trailers, Boats, Campers and other Occasional use vehicles may not be stored in driveways, where they extend beyond the front line of the home.
• Illegal Parking- abandoned, inoperable , or unlicensed vehicles are not allowed in the City, unless stored in a garage.
• Parking in the wrong direction on city streets is not permitted at any time.
• No more than 4 cars may be permanently parked in the open at any city residence (less than 20,000 sq foot lot). Exceptions can be made for temporary or holiday situations.


• Realtor signs are only allowed in the yard of the home for sale and must be placed behind the right of way (generally 15-18 feet back from street or home side of the sidewalk). Directional signs to the property are not allowed on any street, island or right of way. Our city does have City approved signs for this purpose. All signs must be removed day of closing. Please advise your realtor.
• Commercial advertising signs are not allowed in the City, unless work is being performed at the property. Those signs may not be placed before the work begins and must be removed the day the work is complete.
• Personal event signs (Yard sales/Auctions) are allowed on a limited basis. They may be placed no more than 24 hours before your event and must be removed immediately at event conclusion.
• Personal "Children at Play" signs do not conform to the " Manual of Approved Traffic Control Signage" used in Kentucky and are not permitted on any City Entrance, Island , or Right of Way. Right of ways extend 30 feet from the centerline of the street (generally 15-18 feet from the curb).
Personal signs may not be affixed to city street signs of light posts.


Garbage/ Yard waste may not be placed on the street prior to noon the day before the assigned date for the disposal.
• Cans and containers must be removed from the street before 7:00 pm on the day of collection.
• Tree Trimmings and branches must be tied in bundles not over 4 feet in length. Other Yard waste must be stored in cans or biodegradable paper bags. Plastic bags are no longer usable.
• Items too heavy or cans filled beyond the capacity of our contractor to lift on the truck will not be taken. Please be mindful of unusually heavy items, which may require special pick up arrangements. Please call 1-866-237-7019 ask for account # 169216991 if you have questionable items. (These items may require an extra charge.)


• Windy Hills complies with Building Code Permit requirements of Louisville Metro Government. If you are doing construction on your own, or by contractor, if a permit is required, please post in plain sight on your property, for inspection. Permits should be obtained before construction begins. (Questions call Metro Governments /Construction Review 502-574-3321.)
• Dumpsters/ Storage Pods should be placed to the rear of property where possible, and should not be placed on any city street or right of way. They may not be on site longer than 30 days without special approval from Windy Hills Code Enforcement.
• Unused building materials/ building waste/ and appliances should be stored in the rear of property and must be removed promptly when construction is complete. (Used or waste building materials will not be picked up by our contactor.)
Grass may not be allowed to grow higher than 7 inches.
For the beauty or our city and your neighbors, we ask that you be mindful to timely, proper maintenance of bushes, shrubs, and trees on your property.

Thank you for your attention and understanding of these important matters.

Windy Hills City Council